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The Hit

Adrian Tchaikovsky creates a bold, fresh fantasy world in The Tiger and The Wolf, the first book in the Echoes of the Fall series. This deftly-woven coming of age tale primarily follows the young girl Maniye as she struggles to understand and accept her heritage. Maniye goes on the standard fantasy hero’s journey, but Tchaikovsky’s skill at world-building and characterization present this tried and true plot in a fresh light. What begins as a simple story of Maniye, the girl who can Step into both a tiger and wolf, features many intricate twists and turns that make The Tiger and The Wolf hard to put down. I particularly enjoyed the setting which featured elements of a post-Ice Age North and Central America with a rich mythology all of its own. Don’t miss this read if you’re looking for a break from the oft-retread medieval European fantasy tropes. The Tiger and The Wolf is a classic in the making with the perfect blend of what you love about fantasy in a brand new skin.

The Verdict

Green light (must-read)
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